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March 19, 2008


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very informational... educative as well,am still looking up to more of your blogs... good job!


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Why are we so aggressive attitude towards Russia? (El Pais)

So who completed a measure of the concert. Flags the hall was no reason a lot that the organizers were asked to remove them gently so as not to hinder the work of the cameras. First, in the Luzhniki Stadium made by famous people. Athletes rezhissery, politics and war. legendary gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov has turned to the crowd from the big screen. Michael Kalashnikov: I think that Putin is the man who did much to make and fairly in order to restore our countrys position that I am proud of her. in the types of me is very important that there appeared a force capable of defending our right to be winners. The event was informal. in the hall dancing and singing. And, singing, even those about whom were scarves with the inscription Bank for a voice Putin. Faces many were painted in the colors of the Russian flag. in such an atmosphere, even the normally cool-headed State Duma Chairman Boris Gryzlov spoke very emotionally. Yes Gryzlov said today that that parliamentary elections will be a referendum of trust to Vladimir Putin. Boris Gryzlov: The main thing - its unity. There were knowing lko members of the United Russia party supporters lko knowledge, there have been citizens who have the will to his soul began to walk in support of our national leader, Vladimir Putin. Russia can be proud. Russia used to win. Coach to wrestling Dzambolat Tedeev come in the forum is not empty-handed. He prines with a World Cup, which the Russian won the championship in the difficult struggle Dzambolat Tedeev: I want a team name, a name the strongest team to hand it to our strong leader, why he lure first steps are done with that is with wrestling mat. Putins victory, the victory of Russia. Yes I bring the cup that is Putin. Irina Rodnina 30 years ago in this room started a special way to gold medals. vaunted skater remembered the victory of Sochi in the fight for the name of the capital cost of winter Olympics. Irina Rodnina: Our team for victory led the team leader and ruler, Vladimir Putin. I must say that with such a leader, with the captain, and I athletes among themselves to call the head coach of Russia, with this I always win and we come to better results. As said film director Fyodor Bondarchuk, it is for stability. Because that is about it a couple of children. The election will go all semey. Fyodor Bondarchuk: My dear, do not want to lose this stability, trust me. We experienced a lot of things in my life, to keep pace with what has made. The second of December I will vote for Putin. The second of December I will absolutely vote for Putin in Russia, for a new country, for the fact that nothing has changed in some direction, we have chosen for Vladimir Putin. Same school teacher Putin orthodoxy Dmitrievna Gurevich said that he simplest is to stay in politics, albeit not as president. The event was held along with the party United Russia and was financed with party funds. Photos © Channel

Literary competition dedicated to the 100 th birthday of Arseny Tarkovsky, conducted in USTU

Investment Holding Finam with a group of Russian investors, plans to buy 50% stake in the European network of television and radio stations Deluxe Television GmbH. The first is slow hence income minority stake of the company. Amount of the transaction parties have often glashayut. According to the Managing Director of Deluxe Television GmbH Cosmin-Gabriel Ene, international investors will allow companies to become global. For rapid development of a network of channels and hope in the Russian investholding. Finam plans to withdraw Deluxe Television for the Asian markets and Russia.German Deluxe Television GmbH company owned by a few free easy channel Free TV and seven paid music channels - Deluxe Music, Deluxe Rock, Deluxe Soul, Deluxe Groove, Deluxe Jazz, Deluxe Klassik and Deluxe Lounge. Also owns two radio stations - Deluxe Radio and Deluxe Lounge Radio. Target room channels - people 25-59 years. Average daily room audience of about five million people.Project Manager M A Finam Maxim Tereshkov told RBC daily, that is the deciding factor so high quality and good prospects for the company. This is a high-definition TV. Deluxe Television one of the first in the EU began broadcasting in the format of Dolby Digital 5.1. For a short time he goes for the entire broadcasting in HD-format , - he said. except that society deals with its own production - through the production of audio content delivered directly to its clients through its network.Finam intends to continue to participate in such investment projects. Its share of Deluxe Television, for his words, Finam plans to bring 10 to 50%. and for the Russian market of interesting options could not see. Those and the players, who immediately available to the market are very expensive - continues Maxim Tereshkov. - Same if you compare the domestic musical projects with Deluxe Television, the difference quite noticeable.


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